Let’s Take Better Care Of Our Club Staff- The Rainbow Cafe

Based on staffing levels, Club restaurants have to shrink service areas to better serve members.

This week at the rainbow the staff were frustrated. They only had three people working the floor and despite telling the members they could not cover the closed section, three members ignored them. All other members were seated in the serviceable area. My heart went out to the staff. I suggested that they let the three know.

They said they have multiple times. Sadly of the three, one member is currently on the board of governors and the other is running to be a governor.

Let’s be more considerate of our staff and not make extra work for them. The good news is the offending members have NOT made it into the recommendations of the TAC BoG 2020 voters guide. You can check that out here.

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  1. TAC is a membership club. This means that you are part of the owner, management and customer. Needless to say, staff is not a simple labor. They are a part of the “stakeholder” as well. We would not have a good time if they do not work in a humanly justifiable condition. If they are not happy with the way they are treated, we will suffer the result in a long run.
    Also, being a member of the Board it not something to be boastful or of the class above the ordinary. Contrary; serving on the Board is a voluntary service to the follow members, management and the staff people. As a former member of the Board, I would like to remind everyone who is currently on the Board or contending to be in the future that the Board member is not someone above the ordinary but a fellow who cares about the fellow members, the management and the staff who altogether make up the club.

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