Do We Really Need To Spend Money Counting Paper Towels (AKA Sustainability Burdens)?

Members have received an email from a volunteer group of members seeking to plunge the Tokyo American Club into the SUSTAINABILITY black hole.

Of course, we must do our best to make sure we’re using our facilities efficiently and avoiding wastes that damage our environment. But as we’re a social club, spending money on corporate fads is not wise for the club.

The MABT members unanimously recommend that you respond to the survey with recommendations that they spend money on things that matter for the well-being of staff and members.

Let’s be great global citizens but NOT turn our club into a financially bleeding recycle center with more burdens on members and staff. Please let them know in their survey!

This group was formed under the old board. It should probably remain in the past. Let’s let it die with the other issues and focus on the future.

Here’s the note-

Sustainability and Your Club Dear Member,

The Sustainability Task Force, which was formed by the Board of Governors and started its work in February 2021, is keen to hear your thoughts about Club sustainability through a short survey.

As sustainability is an increasingly important topic for organizations of all types and sizes both in Japan and globally, the Board felt it important to explore how the Club could improve its sustainability.

Since its inception, the task force has been learning about the steps taken thus far and formulating ideas on how to accelerate sustainability at the Club. Its initial assessment was presented at the Annual General Meeting last November.

The task force believes that taking effective action on this topic requires the engagement of all stakeholders in our community, in particular, our fellow Members. This survey is an important step in that effort.

Once we have concluded the survey, we will conduct focus groups to gather further feedback and ideas from Members. Consolidated results from both initiatives will be shared with the membership.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Sustainability Task Force Chair
Tokyo American Club

Sustainability Task Force
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  1. Re: Sustainability Task Force — April 2022

    TAC has a Y20+ Oku payroll. TAC may be the only
    substantial building in Tokyo that has not outsourced its maintenance.
    The responsibility and expertise “should” be in the TAC Maintenance section. Let the BOG task it rather that create a volunteer member task force. Preventative maintenance is the conventional appellation. And let’s dispense with Focus Groups,
    an unnecessary expense.
    The Tokyo government/TEPCO, has advised and rated many buildings in Tokyo and its reviews/suggestions should be part of any Task Force recommendations. An independent company such as Chiyoda Management Company might also be considered for advice.

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