Members Petition For Town Hall Succeeds- NOW Set -26 Oct

Member initiated call for meeting petition passes. Many members have not been so satisfied with board members, the information they disclose, and their decision making at the club over the last year. Several groups of members organized and did the work to get a members meeting called to make things more transparent by getting members to sign a petition.

Below is the announcement from the current representative governor.

If you have positive, thoughtful things you would like to contribute, or would just like to observe, please come to this member initiated event. Thanks to all that initiated and those who signed the petition to call a meeting for members to voice their concerns and give productive suggestions. Don’t miss your chance.

October 26 Extraordinary General Meeting Update

Dear Member, 

As we notified you by e-mail on October 9, after receiving a petition signed by 83 Members, the Board of Governors will convene an Extraordinary General Meeting(EGM) on October 26. 

The primary resolution in the petition seeks to prevent a Board-approved proposal to amend governor term limits from being placed on the agenda at next month’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). A secondary resolution calls for a delay to the AGM, if necessary.

Information regarding the petition itself and the Board-approved proposal to amend governor term limits (and to provide guidelines for filling a governor position vacated mid-term) are now available on the Club website (log-in required). 

The Board fully supports transparency in all areas of governance and welcomes any questions Members may wish to pose in advance of the EGM or during the EGM when the petition is voted on.

Members should be aware that with the addition of the EGM, the Club has two upcoming general meetings requiring a vote of the membership: the EGM on October 26 and the AGM, which includes the election of the Board of Governors, on November 16. 

The Board strongly encourages all eligible Members to register to become a Voting Member and reminds current Voting Members of the requirement to vote at each general meeting to maintain Voting Member status. Failure to vote will result in the loss of Voting Member status and the inability to reregister for 13 months.

A Voting Member who fails to vote in the EGM on October 26 will be ineligible to vote in next month’s AGM and the Board election.

If you are unsure whether you are a Voting Member, you can check your status through the Club website. After logging in, click on My Account and then Edit Profile under Account. If you are a registered Voting Member, you will see the Voting Member box checked. You can also check who is eligible to become a Voting Member, and other frequently asked questions here

If you are not a Voting Member, registration by October 19 (in person at B1 Member Services only) will enable you to vote in person or by proxy in the upcoming EGM and online in all subsequent general meetings. Registration from October 20 enables online voting in the AGM and all subsequent general meetings.

If you have any questions on any of these matters, please email

Thank you for participating in the governance of your Club. 

Michael Benner 
Representative Governor 
Tokyo American Club 

Welcoming The New General Manager Of the TAC- Mr. Darren Morrish

The TAC members are happy to welcome Mr. Darren Morrish as the new general manager of the club. He is no stranger to Japan, having been in hospitality for years in Okinawa. He may have lost his native Aussie surrounded by all those American accents but he has good marks with the members of our group that know him. More about Darren on our club website here.

Welcome Aboard Mr. Morrish!

Let’s Take Better Care Of Our Club Staff- The Rainbow Cafe

Based on staffing levels, Club restaurants have to shrink service areas to better serve members.

This week at the rainbow the staff were frustrated. They only had three people working the floor and despite telling the members they could not cover the closed section, three members ignored them. All other members were seated in the serviceable area. My heart went out to the staff. I suggested that they let the three know.

They said they have multiple times. Sadly of the three, one member is currently on the board of governors and the other is running to be a governor.

Let’s be more considerate of our staff and not make extra work for them. The good news is the offending members have NOT made it into the recommendations of the TAC BoG 2020 voters guide. You can check that out here.

What Members Are Saying- The Recent TAC Survey

Dear Team,

Looking at the results

I just spent an hour, or so going through the 2000 TAC member responses. It appears that I was wrong. I thought that everyone is just going to follow the push of the president and vote yes on the loan and happy to keep the club closed. From the comments clearly people want:

  1. A return to normal utilization
  2. “No” to the Loan
  3. “Maybe” on the dues increase, but only if #1 above is reached,

The only thing I can think of for why we are on the current trajectory is the decision maker has bought into the ‘we-are-all-going-to-die-virus’ narrative lock, stock, and barrel.

I was really shocked by the majority scathing responses. Members clearly want to be involved. From my review approx. 80% of the reviews were in this camp. The remaining 20% were ‘you’re doing a great job’ despite the club being closed still and various member groups sprouting up to help fix the situation.

It’s great to see members are keen to get involved with the decision making.