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The Club was founded in 1928 by 51 American businessmen living in Tokyo, choosing the top 3 floors of the Iwamoto Building in Yurakucho as its first home. Quickly outgrowing that space, the Club relocated to Marunouchi in 1935, where it was shuttered during World War II, reopening with 350 Members on July 4, 1949.

As the number of Members increased, the Club moved location once again to Azabudai in 1954, renovating the site 2 decades later, attracting many Japanese and other nationalities. There, the Club entertained military personnel, celebrities, royalty and foreign diplomats while fulfilling its mission of cultural exchange and international community.

A growing number of families joined and many other aspects evolved over the decades, prompting the Club’s relocation to a temporary haven in Takanawa in 2008 so that a stunning new premises, designed by acclaimed architecture firm Pelli Clarke Pelli, could be built in Azabudai. Construction of the new facilities is scheduled for completion near the end of 2010 with a phased opening over the early months of the following year. The Club’s new home will deliver world-class amenities and recreation to our Members for years to come.

For more details on the Club’s illustrious history and to view images, please visit the Redevelopment website atwww.tokyoamericanclubredevelopment.org.

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  1. I see that many of the MABT posts … which appear to be from the core MABT members, are anonymous. It would help if the authors would identify themselves … I see that the comments policy allows but does not recommend anonymous posts … but am not sure why the actual core members of this group don’t identify their own posts? It would help in deciding whether I want to support you or your recommended candidates in the BOG election. Thanks for your consideration.

  2. Thanks Alexander. The best way to continue to contribute to change is to keep the ideas and comments coming! We’re making progress every time we have a member take the time to share their ideas and comments.

  3. I entirely agree with your perspective – please let me know if there is anything one can do to help stop this ludicrous and irresponsible charade.

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