TAC Board Begins To Lead By Example- No More Silly Restrictions

Today our very able general manager announced the end of forcing members to wear mask at Tokyo American Club.

Show Us That Smile NOW!

Wearing masks at Tokyo American Club is now what it should be, OPTIONAL

Mask wearing at the time was an understandable attempt to prevent that sickness from spreading. It ended up becoming more of a tool of control and discrimination by both overzealous staff and some anxious members. Based on Japan infection counts, masks were not all that effective.

National governments around the world have been the most notorious for trying to control their citizens though masks and for what some see as forced experimental vaccinations. Some governments continue to try to control even now.

Sick people should stay home. For sick people, out and about, wearing masks is considerate and cultural in Japan.

It’s fabulous to see TAC lead by example. The Tokyo American Club is an international community. Members are considerate and don’t mind if a member wants to wear a mask, but it should NEVER forced upon us again. We should not be doing things the rest of the international community around the world has already tagged as meaningless and left far behind.

Great things happening at Tokyo American Club under a new member board but more importantly, under a seasoned general manager with years of experience. He has been entrusted to run the business 100%. He is respected by members and staff alike for doing the right things. Well done!

From the GM: Mask Usage at the Club
Thursday, May 26, 2022 9:17:10 PM

Dear Member,

After careful deliberation, the Board of Governors and Club management have decided to make mask usage at the Club optional from May 27….

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