MABT Charter

MABT stands for constructive change at the Tokyo American Club that delivers:
  1. a sound financial management framework that plans for growth in equity,
  2. a strategic framework and plan that enables the transition back to Azabudai and provides a roadmap for growing the Club’s membership and strengthening financial performance,
  3. an open and responsive governance structure more in line with contemporary technologies and attitudes,
  4. a very clear focus on meeting the social and community needs of our membership by always stressing our mission as a club rather than a business,
  5. excellence in management, operations, accountability, and performance in all the Club’s services whether outsourced or insourced, and
  6. efficient and effective human resource solutions that reflect best practice in Japan but at the same time respect the needs of the membership and staff.

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  1. How can we join the MABT meetings?

    Member fir nearly 20 years and fed up.

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