All Is Well – At The Tokyo American Club

We’re glad to see that we finally have very able management in the saddle at TAC. In addition, we see a fresh volunteer board of governors that are doing their best to make the American Club a place for all members. Leadership change has proven to be a good thing.

We’re moving on. The disputed mRNA ‘vaccine’ center is a thing of the past. The controversial mask police are gone. Hopes are high that unilateral closings of our facility will never happen again. It time to forgive, forget, and be accountable to our members and staff. Good things are coming.

TAC can focus on what it is great at. What is our vision?

  • To foster community amongst business professionals and their families
  • To nourish the soul with quality food, great exercise facilities, and meetings that open our minds to life’s possibilities.
  • To be one of Tokyo’s best places to work for all our wonderful club staff

What’s left? Maybe time to make masks optional for our great staff as well?

We’re looking forward to a year where great people can gather at a great place.

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