TAC Members Voting Guide- Fall BoG Election 2020

CandidateCategoryStanceNotesMABT RecommendVote
Mike BennerUSCurrent BoardFreelance consultant. At helm of club closures and loan votes with RGNoNo votes
Trista Bridges BivensUSCurrent BoardStrong family advocateYes8
Ginger Griggs*USChangeWilling to push managementYes9
David HackettUSUnsureLong Term Member, calm, clear, focusedYes7
Greg Lyon*USChangeInterior business owner. Strong supporter of change in F&B. Maverick with board experience.Yes1
Joseph MoscatoUSCurrent BoardWorked extensively on club loan push with current treasurer and RG. Overseer of rates increase surveys to membersNo10
Michael Popov*USChangeRecruiter, entrepreneur. Became a voice for members perspective in various EGMs.Yes5
Sam Rogan*USNewVery active with REC committees, friendly. Helped current board with loan promotion and presentationsYes3
Dean Rogers*USChair of Olympics Committee.Yes4
Nathan SchmidtUSUnsureLawyer by trade.Unsure10
Christina SiegelUSCurrent BoardIrish citizen in US block? Doctor.Yes6
Jim WeisserUS2nd try for boardControversial appointment to F&B committee chair by RG.NoNo votes
Michael Van ZandtUSNEWActively involved in TAC committees and social circlesYes2
Local Members
Fumie IwasaJPNewVery social, connected to membersYES1
Tetsutaro MurakiJPCurrent BoardQuiet, views unknownNo2
Other Nationalities
Gabriela MandreaNewNew perspectiveYes1
Anthony “Tony” MooreUKCurrent BoardRecruiter, committee chairNo2
Making A Better Tokyo American Club’s (MABT) collaborative summary of candidates

***UPDATED 6 Nov 2020****

This list is a collaboration of members who know the various candidates. Ten (10) members were given the roster and asked to rank the candidates from whom they saw as most effective.

The list is meant to get change oriented decision makers in positions of leadership. And eliminate candidates looking for a title for their resumes.

Besides if a candidate is ‘MABT recommended’ or not, we have put a priority number (#1 is highest priority or best change candidates). PLEASE NOTE- Candidates must have a majority of votes of total voting members to be elected. That is why it’s important to number every box – you want to make sure that your vote counts.

We hope this helps members in the voting process. Special thanks to all the members who helped building this guide!

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