Board Election Slate Announced- Who Can Lead the Club Better?

The Nominating Committee-proposed list of candidates is as follows:

  • American Citizens (four to be elected)
    Jeffrey Behr
    Joseph Billi
    Joseph Bodenheimer
    John Flanagan
    James Hawrylak
    Catherine Onaka (Ohura)
    Nils Plett
  • Japanese Citizens (one to be elected)
    Kenji Ota
    Reiko Saito
  • Other Nationalities (one to be elected)
    Rune Soelvsteen
    Christa Wallington
  • Connections (one to be elected)
    Olivia Smith

One Reply to “Board Election Slate Announced- Who Can Lead the Club Better?”

  1. In case you’re wondering whether the incumbents are worth voting for & have members’ interests first, one of the incumbents on the slate has been brought before the House Committee multiple times for Club rule violations’.

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