What Members Are Saying- The Recent TAC Survey

Dear Team,

Looking at the results

I just spent an hour, or so going through the 2000 TAC member responses. It appears that I was wrong. I thought that everyone is just going to follow the push of the president and vote yes on the loan and happy to keep the club closed. From the comments clearly people want:

  1. A return to normal utilization
  2. “No” to the Loan
  3. “Maybe” on the dues increase, but only if #1 above is reached,

The only thing I can think of for why we are on the current trajectory is the decision maker has bought into the ‘we-are-all-going-to-die-virus’ narrative lock, stock, and barrel.

I was really shocked by the majority scathing responses. Members clearly want to be involved. From my review approx. 80% of the reviews were in this camp. The remaining 20% were ‘you’re doing a great job’ despite the club being closed still and various member groups sprouting up to help fix the situation.

It’s great to see members are keen to get involved with the decision making.

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  1. The Survey sent by TAC does meet the 3 criteria of Market Research:
    *Methodology: The design of the Survey is flawed. It required the respondents to choose 1 of 3 options in 3 questions before they could skip to the open-ended comments.
    *Validity: Does it measure what it intended to measure? No. Only the open-ended comments reflect the members opinions regarding: loan, dues, min. spend, assessment et al.
    *Reliability: Can it be repeated with the same results? Only the comments.

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