Is It It True? CNN and Golf Channel Costs Us 5M JPY Annually

The controversial American news channel is not exactly the beacon of truth in the news the last few years. Many members grew up with CNN as good source of business news. However, in the earthquakes of 2011, many saw their motivations to sensationalize the truth. In 2011, CNN’s Anderson Cooper tried to get TAC members and business leaders to say, “people are dying in the streets in Tokyo” to make a more dramatic story. Of course it was not true, and those members threw CNN and Anderson out.

CNN has continued to decline in quality as well as viewership numbers. Members report, the Club pays somewhere around 5M JPY per year to pipe this channel as well as the Golf channel into our club.

As we need to be good managers of our money, it’s time to cancel CNN and use that 5M yen (or whatever the amount is) for something that benefits the members. Any suggestions for where to use that budget for helpful business news or maybe even something else?

Time to cancel CNN at Tokyo American Club.

Board Of Governors Quietly Working To Extend Their Terms?

Multiple members have reported that the TAC board is moving to extend their ‘terms of service’ by another 4 years.

The previous leader told multiple members that he had limited the terms of the board members to eliminate any conflict of interest. Why would this be reversed? Why would club member leaders use the tactics of a developing nation dictator?

As a membership club, we don’t want people in there too long. Where there is smoke, there is fire. The board needs diversity of thought.

Partial list of board members as of Sept 2021

What Are YOUR Thoughts? Coming Soon: Employee Appreciation Drive

Email From TAC Club

Dear Member,

As we all know, 2020 has been a difficult year for the Club and our Members, but it’s been even more so for our employees. Not only have they been affected by the business reductions within the Club, their year-end discretionary performance bonus scheme for 2020 has been eliminated. Yet, without them, not only would we not have been able to reopen the Club, it is their efforts that keeps the Club safe for the Members. In fact, they are a big part of the Club experience and are what makes the Club great. And they do this while risking their own health and that of their families, without complaint or additional consideration. For us, the Members.

So why don’t we Members do something special for the employees this holiday season?

Starting next month, with the support of the Board of Governors, we will initiate a special drive for Members to express their appreciation for our employees. The Board has authorized an employee bonus fund-raising drive to offset the loss of the 2020 employee discretionary performance bonus (click here for some FAQs), and we will also be coordinating a number of other employee appreciation initiatives in expressing our thanks. More details will follow, but our employees are the heartbeat of the Club and have been unwavering in their support of the Club and us Members, so let’s show our employees that we consider them an important part of our community!

In the meantime, the next time you see an employee doing something around the Club for the benefit of Members, let them know that you appreciate their efforts. A simple thank you, or even remembering their name, can go a long way. Small gestures matter.

Human Resources Committee

Extraordinary General Meeting RE-Vote Result

Michael Alfant- Current TAC Representative Governor

What do you think about the second loan vote? Will the Representative Governor try to re-vote again in another month? What’s the rush if he’s finishing his term and we don’t ‘need the loan’ right now?

Michael Alfant’s Note on the Re-Vote

Dear Member,

Thank you to everyone who voted in the September 24 Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

The Board-proposed financial plan failed to pass by just one vote.

Following July’s vote on the same proposal for the Club to take out a line-of-credit loan of up to ¥1 billion, 728 Voting Members cast their ballots in this vote.

A total of 81.5 percent of Voting Members were in favor of the proposal, with a two-thirds majority required by the Club’s Articles of Association.

The Club’s constitution also requires the approval of 80 percent of US Voting Members. This time, 79.6 percent of American voters were in support of the proposal, with 11 failing to vote.

The Board will take stock of the result and carefully consider the options available to ensure the Club’s financial health.

Once again, my sincere thanks to all those Members who took part in this vital governance process. A recording of the EGM is available to watch through the Club’s YouTube channel.

Michael Alfant
Representative Governor
Tokyo American Club

Where are the TAC Members Recently?

Sparce Visitors to Club

Since the restricted reopening of the club, the parking lots tell the story. It seems few people are actually able to use the facilities. Facemasks, limited usage, anti-social distancing. and facilities limited to a few members at once. All for fear of a virus…

Following The Smoke- Whose Idea Was This?

We have had several highly charged Townhall Meetings as certain members of the board of governors tried to push through rate increases contrary to their original promises that, ‘you can have a new clubhouse, and rates will not change for existing members’.  The membership did not buy that, and many groups have arisen to find out what is going on.  Much has come to light.  Who made these promises and who is trying to break them?

Of course, you can blame things on the economy as well as the drop in membership.  But how could any restaurant or hotel think that they would do any business on the backside of Shinagawa station no matter how captive the audience?

What is going on in the background?  Who actually could have skin in the game, or at least pride on the line?You’ll have to decide what you think, but we’ve been following the smoke.  The three names on the presentation pushing to spend millions and build a new clubhouse are-

1) Mike Bumgardner
2) Tom Brown
3) Dan Thomas

If you were at the last Townhall meeting, you are probably connecting the dots about now.  If you missed it, you can read the notes from the meeting here, you will likely find some interesting connections.

Elections are right around the corner.