Why Aren’t There Any Hospitality Executives On The Board of Governors?

TAC has a strong business model with captive members who don’t want to quit and lose their initiation fees. In addition, pre-COVID, it was a great place to keep up with friends. Recently, reports to members of the number of people resigning from the club has increased. However, we’ve still got a great club with the social connections that we all value.

Leveraging Our Hospitality Leadership

We are approaching another election for the board of governors. The candidates that are selected to run are vetted by… the board of governors. A bit of a ‘diversity of thought’ issue there…

Our club has executives from Hyatt group, IHG group, Marriott, and several other famous hotel brands in our membership. We even have hotel owners behind the brands around Japan. Several have offered to give advice when the board shut down the club for two months with no consultation in the COVID confusion. This while continuing to charge membership dues, as well as parking and other fees.

The current board is made up of people from recruiting, technology independents, freelance consultants, doctors, and various other great members. However, wouldn’t it better to have someone with experience in running a hospitality operation teaching other board members how a service business should be run? Why aren’t there any hospitality members on the board?

In addition, several of our members suggested, based on the size of our operations, we really need a CFO. Read more about that here.

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