All Is Well – At The Tokyo American Club

We’re glad to see that we finally have very able management in the saddle at TAC. In addition, we see a fresh volunteer board of governors that are doing their best to make the American Club a place for all members. Leadership change has proven to be a good thing.

We’re moving on. The disputed mRNA ‘vaccine’ center is a thing of the past. The controversial mask police are gone. Hopes are high that unilateral closings of our facility will never happen again. It time to forgive, forget, and be accountable to our members and staff. Good things are coming.

TAC can focus on what it is great at. What is our vision?

  • To foster community amongst business professionals and their families
  • To nourish the soul with quality food, great exercise facilities, and meetings that open our minds to life’s possibilities.
  • To be one of Tokyo’s best places to work for all our wonderful club staff

What’s left? Maybe time to make masks optional for our great staff as well?

We’re looking forward to a year where great people can gather at a great place.

Return To Normal For The Club?

A Message from TAC Volunteer Leader- 30 Sept

Keeping Your Club Safe:
Return of Services
Dear Member,

As you may have heard, the Japanese government has formally decided to lift the state of emergency in Tokyo. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the Club will also be relaxing a number of restrictions in an effort to restore much of the Tokyo American Club experience to Members.

From October 1, operating hours for Club dining outlets and recreation venues will be extended to close at 9pm. Alcohol will be available at dining outlets to parties of four or fewer until 8pm.

In addition, the following policies and services are being relaxed and expanded:

• Return of self-serve buffets beginning with the Thanksgiving Grand Buffet

• Adjustments to restaurant partitions to improve Members’ dining experience

• Return of hair dryers and massage chairs to Locker Rooms

• Self-check-in at the Sky Pool and Fitness Center (membership card required)

• Self-check-in at some Club entrances during off-peak hours (membership card and temperature check required)

In keeping with the Club’s strong commitment to sustainability and cost control, towels will continue to be available from the Recreation desk. By distributing towels to Members on-demand, 10,000 fewer towels are laundered per month for a monthly savings of ¥400,000 – a positive impact for both the environment and Club finances.

After such an extended period of uncertainty, I hope that these changes allow Members to return to some of their favored Club activities. With your continued cooperation, I believe that it is only a matter of time before the Club can offer the full range of experiences our Members have come to expect..

Stay safe.

Michael Benner
Representative Governor
Tokyo American Club

Why Aren’t There Any Hospitality Executives On The Board of Governors?

TAC has a strong business model with captive members who don’t want to quit and lose their initiation fees. In addition, pre-COVID, it was a great place to keep up with friends. Recently, reports to members of the number of people resigning from the club has increased. However, we’ve still got a great club with the social connections that we all value.

Leveraging Our Hospitality Leadership

We are approaching another election for the board of governors. The candidates that are selected to run are vetted by… the board of governors. A bit of a ‘diversity of thought’ issue there…

Our club has executives from Hyatt group, IHG group, Marriott, and several other famous hotel brands in our membership. We even have hotel owners behind the brands around Japan. Several have offered to give advice when the board shut down the club for two months with no consultation in the COVID confusion. This while continuing to charge membership dues, as well as parking and other fees.

The current board is made up of people from recruiting, technology independents, freelance consultants, doctors, and various other great members. However, wouldn’t it better to have someone with experience in running a hospitality operation teaching other board members how a service business should be run? Why aren’t there any hospitality members on the board?

In addition, several of our members suggested, based on the size of our operations, we really need a CFO. Read more about that here.

Should TAC Members Or Staff Be Compelled to get the ‘vaccination’ ?

Image from New Zealand

Apparently from the email announcement below, some members of the TAC, including the board of volunteer member leaders, must think that getting the ‘vaccination’ is a good thing. Should members or staff be compelled/encouraged/coerced into taking the experiential injection?

Below is a example of a recent promotional email from the board member in charge of the campaign using TAC facilities to injection residents of Minato ward. How much does this campaign cost the club?

“Member Vaccination Opportunity”

Dear Member, [6 AUG 2021

With the Club’s public COVID-19 vaccination center having administered more than 30,000 vaccine doses since early July, we are excited to be able to extend this program to those Members and their families residing outside of Minato Ward.

After discussions with Minato Ward officials, we can now offer vaccinations for 1,000 non-Minato Ward residents ages 12 and above.

Over the long weekend, Members will be sent a link to register themselves, extended family members, domestic helpers, friends, colleagues and employees of Member-run small businesses on a first-come, first-served basis.

The schedule for the two doses of the Moderna vaccine is as follows:

First dose
• August 11: 5–6:15pm (150 people)
• August 12: 5–6:15pm (150 people)
• August 13: 9:30am–12:30pm (350 people)
• August 13: 3–6pm (350 people)

Second dose
• September 3 (500 people)
• September 4 (500 people)

You will need to supply the name, address and a contact phone number for each person wishing to be included in this program.

Since this is a time-critical opportunity, I encourage you to prepare your list of people to be vaccinated and to apply as soon as you receive the registration link.


Sam Rogan
First Vice President
Tokyo American Club