Penalizing Existing Members- Letter To TAC Board Of Governors

From: Chris Garton
Sent: Tue 5/4/2010 5:28 PM
To: Lee, Lance
Cc: Joseph, Linda
Subject: Increase in charges

Dear Mr. Lance Lee, President Tokyo American Club

In reading your letter dated 30 April 2010 I was surprised to read there is a proposal to additionally charge existing members Yen 9,500 on top of the current monthly membership charge .
We are currently paying Yen 364,000 per year ( 14 x Yen 26,000 ) and you propose to increase this to Yen 497,000 per year
( 14 x 35,500 ) the percentage increase is huge ?

I feel you are penalising existing members who will have had ( by January 2011 ) over 3 years at a substandard club while the existing facility has been redeveloped . We have already not been offered the facility that many of us expected when we joined the Club because of the 3 year temporary re-location and now as you move back to Azabudai .

If you price the membership and monthly cost at a level that is this high, then surely, it is unlikely you will attract sufficient new members .

I am also concerned that any additional charges remain beyond the 12 month period you have suggested if the finances in 2011 do not improve. I also believe the terminology
” Temporary Monthly Assessment ” is misleading and you should have written this clearly and unambiguously .


Chris Garton

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