Experimental Injection Opportunity @TAC!

Member Vaccination Opportunity

Dear Member,

With the Club’s public COVID-19 vaccination center having administered more than 30,000 vaccine doses since early July, we are excited to be able to extend this program to those Members and their families residing outside of Minato Ward.

After discussions with Minato Ward officials, we can now offer vaccinations for 1,000 non-Minato Ward residents ages 12 and above.

Over the long weekend, Members will be sent a link to register themselves, extended family members, domestic helpers, friends, colleagues and employees of Member-run small businesses on a first-come, first-served basis.

The schedule for the two doses of the Moderna vaccine is as follows:

First dose
• August 11: 5–6:15pm (150 people)
• August 12: 5–6:15pm (150 people)
• August 13: 9:30am–12:30pm (350 people)
• August 13: 3–6pm (350 people)

Second dose
• September 3 (500 people)
• September 4 (500 people)

You will need to supply the name, address and a contact phone number for each person wishing to be included in this program.

Since this is a time-critical opportunity, I encourage you to prepare your list of people to be vaccinated and to apply as soon as you receive the registration link.


Sam Rogan
First Vice President
Tokyo American Club

###ABTAC Observation- Will our club be liable for side effects and health issues as well as deaths caused by administering experimental drugs on our premises?

If one cyanide pill can kill you, we must all carefully consider injection of an unproven concoction into our bodies and the bodies of our loved ones.

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