Its TIME to make Masks OPTIONAL!

It’s tie to lose the masks

If there is anything we learned from the virus, it has been how to stay fit and healthy. Your health is your responsibility so you must

  • Eat non-processed foods (TAC serves great food!)
  • Exercise regularly (We’ve got two great gyms and many other ‘Jims’)
  • Make sure you get a good rest (You’ll have to do this one at home)

If you aren’t feeling well, club members are intelligent and know that they should stay home or wear a mask if they have to go out.

The virus was a massive overreaction, in the opinion of many, but undoubtedly damaged our economies around the world. One area that hurt us as a club were the restrictions of constant temperature checking and forcing paying members to wear a face mask. This unwelcoming environment pushed members away with some not coming and others quitting their memberships all together.

Now that the government’s ‘State of Emergencies’ are done, it’s time for the club to welcome back members and encourage the great social environment we have. Its TIME to

  • Get rid of the temperature readers at the doors
  • MAKE masks optional for those who WANT to wear them

The Tokyo American Club is made up of great leaders in business, politics, and culture. With a wonderful new general manager and new board, let’s show our leadership and help lead our society back to normal and prosperity for all

Was that really a survey?

TAC Financial Survey

It seems the plan is already decided to simply raise the dues.

Why is there no true engagement with TAC members? How can members trust that taxes won’t be raised again??One of the commenters (Mark C.) suggested.

To raise revenue, before racing all members, why not consider a second membership level with some perks? Example, provide special parking status and provide a special phone line for reservations. Limit it to 99 members reflecting the member nationalities Yen 2 million? Sign me up! Problem solved.

There are other ideas in our comment section. TAC is a fantastic gathering of very able people, it’s best to engage those who want to help or be involved in making true decisions.

If you’re a TAC member and have any other suggestions, please comment below. (Comment policy here)